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This mailing list is a place for users of the Apache HTTP Server to discuss Apache and help each other to install and configure the software. Although some developers may participate in the list, the primary interaction is user-to-user.

List Policies

From the welcome message each subscriber receives:

Posting is only permitted by subscribed addresses as an anti-spam measure. The list is moderated by volunteers from the Apache Software Foundation; moderation will mostly be notable by its absence. However, blatant abuse of the forum's purpose or the sensibilities of the subscribers will not be tolerated. Any action taken by the moderators is final, solely at their discretion, and not subject to formal appeal.


To subscribe, send an empty message to . You will receive a confirmation message with instructions on how to validate your subscription. After you have subscribed, you can post to the list by sending messages to . You cannot post to the list without subscribing.

If you prefer to receive a digest version of the list that sends groups of messages in a single email, you can subscribe by sending an empty message to .


To unsubscribe, send a messages to (or, if you are subscribed to the digest version of the list, send to ). You must send the unsubscribe message from the same email address that you used to subscribe to the list.

To complete the unsubscription process you must reply to a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please check your spam filters to see if they are capturing the message. If all else fails, you can contact the list administrator at to get help.


Archives are available at the Apache Mail Archives , MarkMail (great for searching), MARC , , or in raw mbox format.

In addition, you can access this mailing list with the mail-to-news gateway offered by GMANE [ gmane.comp.apache.user ] or search the usenet newsgroups for a much larger archive of Apache-related postings.


Please read the following guidelines before posting to the list.

There is no official support for the Apache HTTP Server:

This mailing list is for users to help other users. If you want professional support, there are a number of companies that provide such services. We do not, however, maintain a list of them, and recommend that you use your favorite search engine.

Ask smart questions:

Eric Raymond and Rick Moen have written a very useful guide to Asking Questions the Smart Way. Do not send Apache questions to Eric or Rick!

Send in plain text:

Many email programs including Microsoft Outlook default to sending HTML or other styled email. Please configure your email client to send plain text so that everyone will be able to read your message.

Send English mails:

This list is an English-language mailing list. German-speaking users may subscribe to our German-language mailing list.

Don't ask FAQs:

Be sure to read the FAQ and search the archives before you post.

Find the best group:

Although we welcome discussion of anything related to the Apache HTTP Server, you will have the most luck in getting problems solved if you ask your questions in the group most targeted to your problem. For example, if you have a problem with a module that is not distributed as part of the standard Apache HTTP Server, you will probably find a more knowledgable group by sending to a mailing list devoted to that module. Some examples: