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mod_ftp is a FTP Protocol module to serve httpd content over the FTP protocol (whereever the HTTP protocol could also be used). It provides both RETR/REST retrieval and STOR/APPE upload, using the same user/permissions model as httpd (so it shares the same security considerations as mod_dav plus mod_dav_fs).

Get It!

mod_ftp 0.9.6 is released as beta, and you can get the source from your local mirror.

Development of mod_ftp can be followed through the Subversion repositories. For public access you can use :

% svn checkout mod_ftp


The ftp documentation starting page and the mod_ftp reference page will get you started.

See the README-FTP file distributed with the module's source code for additional build and installation notes.

Mailing Lists

Discussions of mod_ftp take place on the main HTTPD development mailing list.


mod_ftp was created by Covalent in 2001, granted to the ASF and entered incubation in 2005, and was graduated as a subproject of the HTTP Server Project in 2007.