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Welcome !

We encourage translations of the documentation into other languages and thank you in advance for your contribution. If you would like to assist in translating the docs, please start by reading the general documentation project information , and subscribing to the documentation project mailing list. The documentation project participants are usually very willing to help you with any questions or technical difficulties that may arise during your work.

Getting Started

To get started translating whole or part(s) of the doc and keep it up to date, you'll need to do the following.

Going further !

If you wish to go further in translating of the doc, in other words maintaining your translations and keep them up-to-date, read this document.

Related Information

Please note the following documents. They give you further information which may be helpful.

Review Standards

Because English is the main development language of the Apache HTTP Server, it is difficult for the developers to check the quality of documentation submitted in other languages. Therefore, we require that all translated documentation be reviewed by another fluent speaker of the relevant language, before it can be accepted. Each commit message should list the reviewer. If the translator is not the same as the committer, the translator should also be named in the commit message.

We also encourage you to place the name of the translator in a comment at the top of the file, like this:

<!-- ===================================================== Translated by: Nilgün Belma Bugüner <nilgun> Reviewed by: Orhan Berent <berent> ========================================================== -->

The build system keeps track of the svn revision number of the equivalent English version, so that future translators have an idea of where they need to start.