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Documentation Project: Subversion

The documentation of the Apache HTTP Server is in the same Subversion revision control repository as the code. If you wish to work on the documentation, you can check out the entire source code repository, or just the documentation.

To check out the entire repository, you'll do the following:

svn checkout httpd-trunk
svn checkout httpd-2.4

By checking out both trunk and 2.4, you'll be able to submit patches against both the development version, and the current latest released version.

To check out just the documentation portion of the repository, append ' /docs ' to the end of the checkout URLs shown above. This will give you a much smaller checkout, but perhaps you'll lack some of the resources you might need to verify your documentation changes.

Creating a patch

Once you have a checkout, creating a patch takes four steps.

Update your checkout, to be sure that you have the latest changes in the repository, in case someone else has changed something since the last time you worked on the docs:

svn update

Edit the file that you wish to modify. Make the desired changes, and then save your changes. Documentation files are in the /docs/manual subdirectory of your checkout.

At the command line, type the following to create a patch file:

svn diff > patch.txt

Send email to the mailing list and attach patch.txt.

If you have more than one changed file, you can supply the file name on the svn diff command line, in order to just record the changes in one file.

svn diff mod_rewrite.xml > mod_rewrite_patch.txt

See Also

See also the document on documentation format and transformation for details about verifying that your changes are compliant with our documentation format and standards. In your email message, indicate what branch of the code the patch is against (trunk, 2.4, 2.2, etc.) what file(s) are affected, and what change you are making. If it's in reference to a specific bug ticket, mention that, too.