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mod_smtpd is a modular SMTP server similar in spirit to qpsmtpd.

For developers it offers a dependable platform to quickly write a custom SMTP application without the burdens of portability, protocol, daemonization and/or process scheduling.

For system administrators it precludes the need for a separate SMTP daemon and also allows for simple replacement of SMTP backend without having to switch SMTP daemons (just load a different queue module!).

Features Include:

Get It!

mod_smtpd hasn't been released yet. It is still alpha quality and isn't ready for production use. If you'd like to try it out development of mod_smtpd can be followed through the Subversion repositories. For public access you can use : % svn checkout mod_smtpd


Mailing Lists

Discussions on mod_smtpd take place on the main HTTPd development mailing list.


mod_smtpd started life as a 2005 Google Summer of Code project.